Books about Thai Railways

The following are just a selection of the books about railways in Thailand including accounts of the Death Railway.

Trans-Siberian Adventures: Life on and off the rails from the UK to Asia
by Matthew Woodward

It’s just a big train ride – what could possibly go wrong on a 12,500 km journey across Russia, Mongolia and China in the depths of winter? Matthew Woodward resolves to escape from his desk and rekindle his childhood love of travel by train. Knowing little of the red tape, cultural differences and climate ahead, Matthew sets off alone across the North Sea bound for Shanghai. Trans-Siberian Adventures follows his exploits as he learns the ropes of becoming a long-range train adventurer.
A Bridge Even Further: From the UK to Singapore by train
by Matthew Woodward

Has Matthew Woodward decided to go a bridge too far? Buoyed from his success in reaching Shanghai via the Trans-Mongolian railway in the middle of the Siberian winter, he can’t help but think about what might come next on his path to becoming a full-time rail adventurer. After experiencing a rail-based epiphany whilst on jury service, Woodward thinks that it might be possible to get as far as Singapore from his home in Edinburgh by train, setting into motion his next big solo rail journey.
Norn Lup? - A Journey of Railways, Roads and Wats
by Rachel Beswetherick

In memory of prisoners of war from WWII, siblings Rachel and Luke embarked on a 325km walk from Ban Pong to Sangkhla Buri in Thailand. Shadowing the footsteps of the F Force's treacherous forced march during the construction of the infamous Death Railway, and guided only by simple, and sometimes out of date, maps and curious locals, Rachel and Luke took whatever route was necessary.
The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop
by Dunlop Edward

An account of Sir Edward Dunlop's experiences as a medical officer in the prisoner of war camps in Java and on the Burma-Thailand Railway.
On Track: Henry Gittins - Railway Pioneer in Siam and Canada
by Paul Gittins

Henry Gittins, born in 1858, went to Canada as a young adventurer where he started his career as a railway engineer. In 1885 he joined a survey team in Siam, aiming to develop a national railway system. He spent thirty-three years there, progressing to the highest position in the Siamese Railway Department. Among his many achievements was the discovery of Hua Hin and his heroic construction of the Southern Railway Line, which opened up the southern peninsula to travel and development.

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