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Scramble for Rails
by Ichiro Kakizaki

Scramble for Rails: Japanese Military Transport on Thai Railways during World War II Is a groundbreaking study of military transport on Thai railways by the Japanese army during the war. Although most people recall the Thai-Burma line when hearing such keywords as Thailand, the Japanese army, railways, and World War II, the Japanese army in fact utilized almost all railways in Thailand for military purposes. This book explicates the overall characteristics of Japanese military transport from the abundant historical materials regarding the operstion and transport of Japanese military trains preserved at the National Archives of Thailand.

Rails of the Kingdom: History of Thai Railways
by Ichiro Kakizaki

Rails of the Kingdom is an outline of railway history in Thailand intended for general readers, summarizing the author’s previous research in transport in Thailand. It aims to present a general history of Thai railways from the latter half of the nineteenth century to the present, focusing on changes in railway policy and the transformation of railway transport in Thailand. Many maps, charts, and tables are offered as references, together with about 100 photographs.
This book covers not only the development of an interregional rail network under the Royal Railway Department and its successor, State Railways of Thailand, but also the history of urban railways in Bangkok, including the elevated railway, the subway, and the airport access railway, The present situation and future prospects are also examined.

Royal Siamese State Railway Southern Line 1917
by Ministry of Communication

The seven parts deal with 1 Souvenir of the Opening of the Royal Siamese State Railway, Southern Line, 1917 2 Royal State Railways Siam, Southern Line, 1915 3 Photographs Relating to the Siamese Railway, 1898-1904 4 Railway Stations 5 Thirtieth Annual Report on the Administration of the Royal State Railways, 1917, Southern Line part 6 Administration Report for the Year 2460 (List of fired German Railway Engineers in 1917) 7 Siam State Railways, South Express (1922).

Bangkok Tramways Eighty Years 1888-1968: With Local Railways and Lophuri Trams
by Dick Van Der Spek, Wisarut Bholsithi & Wally

rams of Bangkok, Eighty Years 1888-1968, is the first work tracing the history of trams in Bangkok, a pioneering work with Danish and Belgian involvement. Thailand was the second country in Southeast Asia with trams. First, horse-drawn trams appeared in 1888. But as horse-drawn trams were not very suitable in the tropics, they were replaced in 1893 by electric trams. (In that same year, the French attacked Siam in what became known as the Paknam Incident.) The resulting electric tram company, with its own generators, was one of the oldest in Southeast Asia.

Railway Atlas of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
by Brendan Whyte

The atlas presents detailed maps of three Southeast Asian countries, depicting every known railway, tramway and mass-transit line, public or private, past and present. The bilingual maps locate and name every station in both local and Romanized scripts. In addition, the extensive text describes the railway history of each country, and for each line gives a detailed commentary on its conception and construction, notable features such as bridges, tunnels and spurs, as well as a chronology, station listing, and reference list.



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