Guide to Excursion Train to Pasak Chonlasit Dam

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) run a number of weekend excursion trains to various tourist destinations around Thailand. Two of the most popular routes that go every weekend are to Sai Yok Waterfall in Kanchanaburi and Suan Son Pradipat Beach to the south of Hua Hin. The SRT also arranges a special excursion during the winter months to Pasak Chonlasit Dam (Pa Sak Jolasid Dam) in Lopburi Province. This trip is nicknamed “The Floating Train” as the highlight is going across a series of viaducts above Pasak Chonlasit Reservoir. At this time of the year, the water is very high, and as you can only see water out of the windows on both sides, it gives the impression that you are floating on water.

The excursion train is arranged from November to January every year. Tickets go on sale 30 days in advance and always sell out quickly. The following are the latest dates but they might add extra dates or rounds in order to satisfy demand.

🗓 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 November 2022
🗓 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25 December 2022
🗓 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 January 2023

Tickets can be bought at any train station across the station or on the official D-Ticket website (How to Buy Train Tickets). 2nd Class is air-conditioned and cost 560 Baht for the round trip. 3rd Class has open windows and fans and cost 330 Baht for the round trip. It is the same fare for adults and children. Groups can also charter a complete carriage which will be added to the train. Call 1690 for further details.

3rd Class Carriages

The train leaves Bangkok Station (Hua Lamphong) at 6.00 a.m., and then stops to pick-up passengers at various stations, such as Samsen, Bang Sue Junction, Bang Khen, Lak Si, Don Mueang, Rangsit, Ayutthaya, Saraburi, and Kaeng Khoi Junction and then on to the “Floating Train” viewpoint in the middle of Pasak Chonlasit Dam. The train will stop in the middle of the reservoir to give time to the tourists to get down and take photos of the beautiful scenery for 20 minutes. Then the train will continue to Khok Salung Station. Here there is time for tourists to taste and shop local OTOP products for about 30 minutes.

Then the train will bring tourists to Pasak Chonlasit Dam at 10.35 am. Tourists can do various activities at their leisure. Whether it’s lunch from a local community shop or to travel around the perimeter of the Pasak Chonlasit Dam by using a tractor and trailer. The service fee for this is 30 baht per person. Tourists can also take a tour of the nearby sunflower fields by van for 70 baht per person. The train will leave Pasak Chonlasit Dam at 3:30 p.m. and stop to drop off passengers at various stations such as Kaeng Khoi Junction, Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Rangsit, Don Mueang, Lak Si, Bang Khen, Bang Sue Junction, Samsen, and arriving back  at Bangkok Station at 6:50 p.m.


2nd Class Carriages


All times are subject to change.

6:00amDepart Bangkok Station921 train – outbound journey
6:15amSam Sen Station
6:23amBang Sue Junction Blue and Red Line
6:35amBang Khen StationRed Line
6:43amLak Si StationRed Line
6:51amDon Mueang StationRed Line
7:02amRangsit StationRed Line
7:41amAyutthaya Station
8:23amSaraburi Station
8:36amKaeng Khoi Junction
9:25amViewpoint on Viaduct20 minutes to take photos on the viaduct.
9:50amKhok Salung StationA 30 minute stop to buy food, snacks and OTOP products.
10:35amPasak Jolasid Dam StationYou have five hours to visit the dam and eat lunch
3:30pmDepart from Pasak Jolasid926 – return journey
4:12pmKaeng Khoi JunctionImpressive views on the right-hand side
4:26pmSaraburi StationYou have one hour to visit the war cemetery or buy food in the market
5:08pmAyutthaya Station
5:49pmRangsit StationRed Line
5:49pmDon Mueang StationRed Line
6:09pmLak Si StationRed Line
6:17pmBang Khen StationRed Line
6:28pmBang Sue JunctionBlue and Red Line
6:36pmSam Sen Station
6:50pmArrive at Bangkok Station



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