Special Express No. 31: Bangkok to Hat Yai Junction

This is the Special Express No. 31 train from Bangkok to Hat Yai Junction. It leaves at 2:45 p.m. and arrives in Hat Yai at 7:25 a.m. the next morning. Click here to track this train live. No. 31 train has the newer CNR sleeping carriages. At the moment, there is no restaurant car on this train and you are advised to take your own food and drinks. Tickets in 1st Class are 1,594 baht for the upper berth, 1,794 baht for the lower berth, and 2,594 to book the cabin if you are travelling alone. In 2nd Class, tickets are 1,005 for the upper berth and 1,105 for the lower berth. The return journey is made by Special Express No. 32 train.

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All times are subject to change, Please check with the station master where you bought your ticket or call 1690.

No. STATION Arr. Dep.
1 Bangkok 14:30
2 Sam Sen 14:42 14:44
3 Bang Sue Junction 14:51 14:53
4 Bang Bamru 15:09 15:10
5 Sala Ya 15:26 15:27
6 Nakhon Pathom 15:51 15:53
7 Ban Pong 16:10 16:11
8 Rachaburi 16:39 16:49
9 Phetchaburi 17:49 17:54
10 Hua Hin 19:05 19:15
11 Chumphon 23:50 00:05
12 Surat Thani 02:40 02:43
13 Thung Song Junction 04:27 04:37
14 Phatthalung 06:05 06:07
15 Hat Yai Junction 07:25

Lower bunks are always more expensive as they are slightly bigger and give more privacy. It also has a window with curtains and so you can enjoy the view in the morning while you lie in bed. The upper bunk doesn’t have a window and is nearer to the light which is on all night. It is also nearer to the air-conditioning and so it can be colder. In 1st Class, there are two berths per cabin. If you only book one berth then you could find yourself in a cabin with a stranger. The only way to solve this problem is to book the entire room.

Tickets can be bought 30 days in advance from the official D-Ticket website. Some people have reported trouble using their credit cards on the official website and have told me they prefer the agency website such as 12GO and Baolau which also have a better interface. For more information, please visit my How to Buy Train Tickets page.

Hua Hin1,202 baht1,002 baht2,002 baht802 baht702 baht
Chumphon1,424 baht1,224 baht2,224 baht920 baht820 baht
Surat Thani 1,579 baht1,379 baht2,379 baht1,008 baht908 baht
Thung Song Junction1,668 baht1,468 baht2,468 baht1,048 baht948 baht
Phatthalung1,735 baht1,535 baht2,535 baht1,078 baht978 baht
Hat Yai Junction1,794 baht1,594 baht2,594 baht1,105 baht1,005 baht