Guidebook for Travelling by Train in Thailand

This year I am working on a Thai Train Guide which will be available for download from this page by the end of 2022. As there will be some major changes to the rail system over the next few years, I will be doing regular updates in order to make it the most useful and up-to-date train guide. My inspiration is the Bradshaw guide which was a kind of a bible for rail travellers in the UK and Europe during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Once the first draft of a chapter is finished, it will be available to download for free on this page. But if you do download it, you will be expected to test run it and check for any mistakes. Suggestions are also very welcome. Thanks in advance.

Richard Barrow


Please bookmark this page as I will be adding chapters as free downloads over the coming months. Or follow on social media (Twitter / Facebook) for updates.

Excursion Trains
Death Railway
Sleeper Trains
Types of Carriages
Popular Routes
Steam Locomotives
Northern Line
Northeastern Line
Eastern Line
Southern Line
Airport Rail Link
Red Line
Maeklong Railway
Nakhon Pathom Commuter
Railway Museum
Historical Lines


Header photo is by Jack Taylor/AFP via Getty Images