No. 43: Bangkok to Surat Thani

This is Special Express No. 43 day train that goes from Bangkok to Surat Thani in eleven hours during daylight hours. It is an air-conditioned diesel multiple unit (DMU) built by Daewoo in the 1990’s. Top speed is around 120km/hour. The train leaves Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) at 7:50 a.m. and arrives in Surat Thani at 6:50 p.m. Tickets cost 608 Baht for adults and 484 Baht for children. This includes a meal.

Popular stops along the way include Hua Hin (412 Baht), Prachuap Khiri Khan (455 Baht), and Chumphon (510 Baht). Carriages are all 2nd Class and air-conditioned. The seats recline and have drop-down trays in the back of seats. There are also curtains to block out the sun. It is a comfortable ride but the carriages are starting to show their age. The Return journey is made by Special Express No. 40.

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No. STATION Arr. Dep.
1 Bangkok 07:50
2 Sam Sen 08:02 08:03
3 Bang Sue Junction 08:09 08:11
4 Bang Bamru 08:27 08:28
5 Sala Ya 08:44 08:45
6 Nakhon Pathom 09:08 09:11
7 Ban Pong 09:36 09:37
8 Rachaburi 10:10 10:13
9 Phetchaburi 11:00 11:01
10 Hua Hin 12:05 12:09
11 Prachuap Khiri Khan 13:39 13:40
12 Huai Yang 14:08 14:09
13 Ban Krut 14:45 14:46
14 Bang Saphan Yai 15:03 15:04
15 Map Ammarit 15:40 15:41
16 Pathiu 16:01 16:02
17 Chumphon 16:26 16:36
18 Sawi 17:00 17:01
19 Lang Suan 17:27 17:28
20 Lamae 17:43 17:44
21 Tha Chana 18:03 18:04
22 Chaiya 18:19 18:20
23 Surat Thani 18:50

All times are subject to change. Check with the station master where you bought your ticket or call the 1690 hotline.

This is an example of the meal that is served on this train. It is included in the price of your ticket. It is not always that appetizing. You get two meal packets plus one rice. This has been heated up in the microwave. The meal packs will vary. Your neighbour might get something different. But they don’t ask what you want. You also get a drink and some snacks. You can order extra food from the carriage attendants and this will come onboard when the train stops briefly in Ratchaburi and Phetchaburi. But this will cost you extra. Usually they serve your food after these stops and so you never know what your free meal will be.

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